Born and raised in the USA, Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce has been taking barbecues to the next level since 1985.
Nothing but the real deal, Bull’s-Eye sauces are full-bodied, smokey, and packed full of flavour.

Crafted by and for people with a passion for meat and bold flavours, there is nothing Bull’s-Eye cannot handle. From brisket to wings, or ribs to ribeye, Bull’s-Eye’s got you covered.

For us, barbecue is more than just delicious: it’s in our blood.
It’s a single word with a thousand meanings. It’s fire in the pits and fire in your belly.

It’s backyard brodeos, reunions with friends in the great outdoors, or travelling thousands of miles to cook for, with and against the country’s finest at the best BBQ festivals and competitions in the world.

In the USA’s barbecue belt, unrivalled pitmastery and a fierce pride in local styles rule: dry or wet ribs? Chopped or pulled pork? Wood smoke or gas? Eastern style cracklin’, or Lexington style “outside brown”? Served with slaw, fries, hash - or on nachos, the Memphis way?

That’s why you’ll find legendary flavours of American BBQ sauce in the Bull’s-Eye family.
From Tennessee’s sweet whiskey, to the bold, spicy kick of Texas hot.

When you’ve waited eight hours to get that pulled pork perfectly tender, you don’t want to put any old sauce on it. You want what’s right.

So throw out those fancy fifteen-step recipes, gather your people, and get that grill on.
Trust your nose. Use your hands.

Keep the fires burning.
Cook low and slow.
Cook long into the evening.
Cook with friends old and new.
Cook true to you. Cook strong.